There are public access defibrillators in and around Grange. 

We have a total of 20 public access defibrillators in the locality:

From the northern end of Grange town and located indoors:
  • Castle Head Study Centre
  • Grange Golf Club
  • Grange Hotel
  • Netherwood Hotel
  • Hazelmere Cafe
  • Victoria Hall
  • Grange Library
  • Grange Golf Club
  • Grange Methodist Church
  • St Charle's Catholic Church
  • Lymehurst Hotel
  • Clare House Hotel
  • Graythwaite Court Bowling Club. 
Located outdoors for 24 hour access there are two AEDs:
  • Promenade Cafe
  • Pavilion on the Playing Field.
Surrounding Villages; in outdoor security boxes for 24 hour access  unless stated:
  • Cartmel Priory School
  • Lindale Primary School
  • Lindale Audi Garage 
  • Lindale Bowling Club (indoors)
  • Lower Holker Village Hall (indoors)
The security boxes have a keypad number retained by the North West Ambulance Service (NWAS) Control department.  Following a 999 call for assistance, if the controller suspects that a defibrillator is required prior to the arrival of the paramedics, the caller will be advised of the nearest defibrillator and if it is housed outside will given the keypad number to open the box.    
First Responders are highly trained volunteers who provide the initial assistance following life threatening medical collapse ie heart attack severe breathing difficulties.  It is vital to provide assistance within the first critical eight minutes following such incidents and the first responders are called when the ambulance is likely to be too far away to get to the patient within this time scale.  They are alerted by pager from the NWAS control  centre following a 999 call for emergency assistance and will undertake life support procedures and patient care as an interim measure until an ambulance arrives at the scene.  This is the only way they can be called out - members of the public cannot call them directly.
Many thanks to Jane Strawbridge and Heartstart.