The Victoria Hall Hire Charges

To make a booking for the Main Hall, Council Chamber, Room 4 or to discuss your requirements, please contact the Victoria Hall Manager.
Tel: 015395 32375 or email: victoriahallmanager

Main Hall
Half day:
Morning: 8am - 1pm   £50
Afternoon:1pm - 6pm  £50
Full day:
8am - 6pm                     £95
6pm - Midnight (min charge 3 hours)   £20 per hour
After Midnight                                         £36 per hour
Use of facilities when hiring Main Hall:
Kitchen:                                                          £10 per day
Dressing Rooms:                                           £10 per day
PA System and Screen:                                 £10 per day
Stage:                                                              £10 per day
Council Chamber
Morning/Afternoon/Evening                        £40 per session
Regular session                                            £20 per session
Dressing Rooms
(Daytime only)                                               £10 per session
PA system includes use of collar microphones (2), head microphones (2), hand held microphones (2), desk microphones (6) and desk lights (6)

Use of the Stage:  There will be a charge based on the actual consumption of electricity at the rate per unit charged by the energy supplier, currently 9.95p per unit of electricity.  The meter will be read before and after stage use.
Please note that all charges are subject to VAT, currently 20%.
The Victoria Hall is licenced for the sale of intoxicating liquor.
Hirers wishing to sell alcohol at events must get prior approval from the Town Council.  There is a £20.00 charge.
Events using music may be subject to a charge from the Performing Rights Society, and will be invoiced quarterly.
Click here to download: Conditions of Hire